What about career coaching & consulting?

Daunted at the thought of changing jobs/careers?  
Faced with having been restructured and wondering how to approach the search?  
Tired of the slog and want to change it up?  
Looking for fulfillment and something better?  
... or do you want to reach your true potential in the career you're in?

If  you are looking to change, and are worried about being lost in the noise ... how to differentiate yourself, here are just some of the ways I can help:

  • Resumes:  Turn your resume into a powerful sales statement.  Help it LEAP out of the pile and make the hiring manager want to meet you...
  • Interviewing skills:  learn how to connect with, and wow, your interviewer
  • Networking skills:  learn how to grow and manage your network, as well as why this is so important
  • Personal Branding & Communication Strategy:  learn how to position yourself, brand yourself, in person, and on social media.  
  • Research tools:  learn different tips/techniques to maximize your results
  • Organizing your job search:  this is a project, and it can be daunting!  Learn how to make this more manageable
  • Exploring the 'what if...?' questions:  become 'unstuck', figure out what you want to 'be' when you grow up... 
  • ... and so much more...

If you're thinking of changing jobs or careers, I will help you find ways of being seen and heard through the noise...  

Separate yourself from the pack!