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I will help you explore and discover your strengths and leverage them to achieve what YOU want

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  • I Coach people at all levels* on leadership, performance and development, communications, relationship-management (and much more…)

  • I Coach teams and groups on team effectiveness, team-dynamics, performance, culture...

  • and I Facilitate workshops on numerous topics, including: Leadership, Coach-Like Approach to Managing People, Change Management, Resilience, Team-Effectiveness / Performance, Career Development & Transition... and much more

    * executives, people-managers, individual contributors

What is coaching?

The ICF definition:  

"The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."  - coachfederation.org (ICF)

The Adler definition:

"Coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change that will lead to desired results; facilitating movement from a current state to a more desirable future state."   - Adler Graduate Professional School

If you’re working with a ‘coach’, and they’re telling you what to do, or giving you ‘expert advice’, then you are working in a consulting / problem-solving framework. This can be great to get problems solved quickly, but it is not a professional coaching framework. And ICF-certification (e.g. ACC, PCC, MCC) indicates that your coach has been trained extensively in the professional coaching framework, which differs significantly from consulting, and has a different focus. Specifically, a professional coach will focus on “coaching the person, not the problem”. Sometimes situations require a consulting approach — e.g. if you need a quick, problem-focussed ‘fix’. However, powerful growth and change for individuals, organizations and groups rarely comes from being ‘told what to do’, and this is where the ICF coaching framework really shines.

While Consulting and Coaching can be complimentary (a professional coach can put on a consulting hat occasionally), they use very different approaches.   Coaching a client (or group) in an ICF-accredited/certified framework involves working with a clients strengths, and the client takes intentional action to change behaviours and perspectives. Professional Coaches engage with clients in a powerful learning framework, often resulting in significant, life-changing results for the client and their teams/relationships/businesses and so on. Together, the Professional Coach and client co-create innovative approaches to challenges and change. Clients recognize and remove obstacles, increase their confidence and fully engage in their envisioned end state. Since this approach is a client-centred, appreciative process (the client ‘owns’ it), clients tend to be more engaged, and thus get significant growth and change.

High performers often use a Professional Coach to help them achieve their peak potential.    They recognize that an objective, external mirror can help them discover things they would not necessarily find on their own.  An ICF-certified Professional Coach helps clients explore new perspectives, co-create new learning, and move with confidence to where they want to be.  Clients become clearer on how to more intentionally use their strengths, they see more compelling choices, and they gain confidence to make choices that get them what they want.  They create their own meaningful actions and make powerful changes in their lives and careers.  

"Working with a coach over time can have a profound effect on your life, career, etc, and can lead to higher levels of commitment, fulfillment, and achievement."

People come into a Professional Coaching engagement looking to reach performance, learning and/or fulfillment goals in a variety of situations.

Working with an ICF-certified Professional Coach you will:

  • understand more deeply where you are now, and clarify where you want to be

  • search for and find the "ah-ha" moments - what's important to you in this endeavour?

  • recognize and avoid obstacles

  • function powerfully and confidently in complex relationships, professional and beyond...

  • recognize and understand the systems of relationships in which you’re functioning, and navigate those more intentionally

  • find and recognize choices you couldn’t see previously

  • discover real commitment and your ability to move with intention

  • find the confidence and power to make real change

  • identify and tackle opportunities for development

  • leverage your strengths and values to achieve your goals!

Work with me and see for yourself!  I work with individuals and teams at any level of life or profession.

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