About Thom

As an ICF-certified Professional Coach (PCC, ACPC), Speaker, and Facilitator I help clients create powerful change, learning and growth for themselves and their teams. I'm known and sought out for my authentic, humorous, yet-challenging approach in which clients shift their perspectives, create powerful change, and become more effective Leaders in their lives, careers, and relationships. I work with leaders of all types and levels (read: everyone/anyone) to improve their performance, learn and grow, and function at their best.  

I've coached hundreds of individuals (individually and in teams/groups), and facilitated well over a thousand people on various leadership and development topics, and I hear regular feedback from clients on how they've achieved new awareness and leveraged their strengths to transform themselves and their teams.  

I help people shift into their full, positive, growth-oriented potential. I coach clients to achieve "Ah-HA!" moments and meaningful change -- they become great leaders and get to where and who they want to be. Their results speak to their efforts and growth

... become more confident, grow, and perform at a much higher level
... explore clarity, awareness and step into their best selves
... transform themselves, their businesses, their teams, and ultimately their lives

Success is hearing from clients that they’ve made a difference in their lives and careers as a result of exceptional facilitation and coaching...